What’s with you and flowers?

Me: What’s with me and flowers?

He: You just light up and keeps pondering on them.

Me: Yeah. So.

He: So, just to let you know, you give them more attention then me.

Me: Burning out.

He: Probably.

Me: Okay.

He: Okay. Don’t pay heed.

Me: You know Ralph.

He: Who’s he now!!

Me: Literature illiterate.

He: Oh sure would be some random speaking quotes.

Me: Stamp paper illiterate.

He: What’s with him now?

Me: He says..

He: What? To shift your attention?

Me: Uff! Yeah.

He: Okay speak. No interruption.

Me: Let it be. You are already burned out.

He: Say. I’ll understand in short.

Me: Okay.

Ralph Waldo Emerson says – “The earth laughs in flowers”.

How accurate and concise he may be while quoting this. How with he understood the secrets behind happiness. Why does it take us humans long enough to understand the little joys? What interupts our cells? Also, why does some humans don’t respond and just stare?

He: Because they link to listen to world’s deepest theories.

Me: Well yeah, right.

(*giggles hard)

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