I Love You To The Moon And Back…

“He is following me, mom”

These were my exact words to my mom, when I would look up to the moon and he would be following us; me, mom and dad, riding happily on our scooter back.

I was a kid and all it took me a glance of the moon to eat up my food as fast as possible or give away that dear gifts from my hand, just to protect it in a way that the moon does not snatch it from me.

That time, for me, he was a substance of something that would take away or say snatch away that tiny happiness from my palms and I wouldn’t be able to do a thing, just because of being on the Earth and he being too far in the sky. I had a conception that he can fly back to his place immediately if I try to catch him. Silly but yes, as a kid I did believe that.

Those were the days of my childhood when I wanted him so away from me and here are the days of my adulthood where every night I feel to just stare at him and talk about all the things I did in the shadow of the sun, the entire day.

And you know what, I was a bit surprised in the beginning that is the same moon that listens to me now, in the form of my entire day’s schedule and my gossips, which once, I thought he would never even consider my words.

May be I was a little too small to understand him and now I’m a little too adult to not understand him.

Now, I have had my moments with him and I and he, both knows, that I would always turn back to him in the night and would never go back without a word of seldom.

There where my interest lies and I will always be a moon child thereupon. I will always walk to and fro, with all my tales and worries, woven right to the threads of trust, because you know what? I know he will keep it safe and steady, more than anyone and everyone in the paradise.

He is blessing and I’m his blessed child, growing day by day, with a lesson from him about how he is always there, around and around on the top and just hides behind a more powerful object, only to come back even brighter and romantic the next night.

He gives me hope and he gives me tide, so as to, he will always know, he will be mine 🖤

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