Day by day I’m getting more curious on the plantation techniques and the idea behind having it all around.

In this present experiment, I tried to use some fresh kitchen waste gathered this morning and 5-6 months old mud preserved during Ganpati visarjan.

This time we brought Ganpati idol made out of organic mud and the same would melt within 24 hours in our own house and this way not pollute the nearby ponds.

Therefore, mixed the two up to grow the Fenugreek seedlings.

The reason behind using Fenugreek for this experiment is that they can grow in any circumstances and within any mixture. It doesn’t require proper fertilizers and other auxiliary care.

Things used:

  1. Waste box
  2. Leftover mud used for idol making
  3. Kitchen waste
  4. Raw sand
  5. Tissue paper
  6. Fenugreek seeds
  7. Water. Water. Water

Keep the above mentioned things handy before you start.

Here, are some declarations:

  1. Use more water when the mud is in rock form. It usually requires more water to melt.
  2. Do not pour the sand mixture in one go. Take small portions of it and keep sprinkling the water on it till the end.
  3. Most of the times the tissue paper process is done in the first interval of plantation and after few days the seeds are soaked in the fertilizer. But you can skip this step and directly use the tissue paper on the fertilizer and the results would be same. It would just require 2-3 more days than usual but the results would be good.
  4. Have a big smile while doing this process and you will get a happy plant out of it. This is must.
  5. Be consistent in watering the plant and you are good to go.

If you have tips to make this process better, do let me know. I would love to follow the hacks.


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