Every dead waste you create can give life to little seedlings and can inturn give life to you.

Next time you are think of throwing away something, stop for a second and think how many lives I can create and save through this one gesture.

We all know the science behind having more and more green around us and how it can benefit human race as well as residing species around us.

This takes 5 minutes of your time and gives you sustainable happiness.

I was not into this much before now, but when I started to adopt sustainability day by day in my daily routine, it made me rethink on multiple dimensions band this is one of them.

I’m a beginner and you can be one too.

You just need these things :

  1. Mud
  2. Kitchen waste
  3. Green tea waste
  4. Mung seeds
  5. Waste box
  6. Leftover mud used for idol making
  7. Efforts
  8. Smile

So, now you know what little you need.

Happy planting šŸŒæ

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