I always thought, I didn’t have a plan. But, however, Universe always had it all, a long and elongated one. It knows the entire picture and takes you from dot 1 to the zenith.

It led me to dot 1, when I was 4 and made me buy this dream in the form of a small game, where I would often want to dress up like a princess and wear the exact same kind of jewels like they do in my fairytale cartoons and books. It let me make my own jewellery to look pretty.

For a while, I did stop believing in fairytales but my heart was constantly revolving around the questions as to why can’t I have it all in one go at 24 too.

Little did I know, I would get my answers this way.

It did have a plan and all this years it was work-in-progress. I may be on Dot 37, right now and I’m sure I will have a beautiful journey till I reach the zenith, in an even beautiful fairytale way.

@theblingforest you were born from this, with a cause attached, of making me look pretty as a child. You gave me confidence then, you give me confidence now.
Trust the power and you shall never ask why ME.

And all of the dreams, shall one by one, come to my rescue, to get fulfilled just like the way; the perfect way.
Trust your journey a little more today.