13 Ways to Restructure Your E-commerce Store With Customer Engagement Strategies

“If you do build a great experience, customers tell each other about that. Word of mouth is very powerful.”- Jeff Bezos, Founder of Amazon.

As we are well aware of the fact that the website is our online office and our E-commerce portal is our online shop, and both needs to be maintained in the exact same way as we would maintain our offline offices and shops on the land. The taste and preferences of the audience remains the same and just the purchase method differs slight from the tangent. Here, the customers get to surf through the screens without personal touch and experience. The only skill matters here during the purchase stage is the virtual judgement skills of the buyer.

As per the Mckinsey Research of 2017, on the subject matter of major reasons for companies to turn to online business, the highest ratio of 45 that grabbed attention was to have a direct channel for customer interaction. The awareness is augmented to 60-65 of the pie in last quarter of 2019.    


E-commerce is a virtual shop where you cannot really talk to your customers. And, if you cannot talk with them, they cannot listen to you. To tell them your product story, it is very important to design a 360-degree customer lifecycle management programme where customers get things before, they ask for.

Beneath, are some of the ways that can help you tell your brand story in a better way and create resourceful customer engagement on your e-commerce portal:


The structure of the portal should be well optimized as it comprises of the journey of the customer from entry to the exit point. The tip here is to know your insights well and segment it by the taste and demographics of the target audience. This would personalize the experience for each user.


We are experiencing a shift from eCommerce to mCommerce in the recent times. As per the statistics shared by Outerbox Design, 79% purchases were made through mobile screens in 2018. This figure asks us to concentrate on mobile platforms equally as we do for web platforms. The UX/UI of the portal plays a significant role in the customer experience at every funnel. The crisp, the better. The key is to simply the frontline interfaces to the optimum in order to help the target audience.


The quote, ‘Slow and steady wins the race’ doesn’t apply everywhere and especially in digital age. Here, things happen in fraction of time and the globe thrives to achieve the fastest speed. The tip here is to check the portal speed on daily basis and work on the same with top most priority. The entire sales game is dependent on this loner.


Your highest payment bid should be on server. If you get miser here and compromise the quality, you can pay a big time for sure. Your customers would definitely not wait for your server to get steady and in the meantime would have happily checked out your competitors. In case, the server goes down in crisis situation, you can make them play games or come up with interactive questions on your portal to keep them engaged. The trick here is to not let them leave your portal till the checkout stage.


A+ pages give the customer the same virtual experience as they get in real offline purchases. A+ pages are high quality pages with detailed information about the product along high dimensional pictures and videos.


The crisp the content, the better the understanding and better the content loading speed.


‘Old is gold’ as they say, do not scrap away your old content. You can relaunch and reuse the old content by turning the text form into visuals and graphics.


As per the psychologists, we humans love when others do the work for us. The same goal is achieved through co-browsing and the process becomes much more transparent and satisfactory along with definite percentage increase in eCommerce customer engagement.


Loyalty programmes are designed to make the customers believe, at times, there are free lunches as well as there are auxiliary discounts provided exclusively by the company to no other except them. As per Beeketing survey, 86% customers like personalized attention.


The sign boards with crisp information would help the customers to understand the products and internal navigations in a better way. Thus, revamping their journey on your portal. Also, it is a brand-new feature and can give you edge over your competitors.


The happier you keep your social media community by your words and actions, the better will be your e-commerce customer engagement and lead generation ratio.


How-to guides and DIY’s would give your customers the confidence of doing their work on their own without your help. Thus, the feeling of independence would bring them back to your portal more often.


Either your end is the easiest or it’s a ‘Bye-Bye’. You have all the rights to decide for the same and act upon it.

Supplementary Tip: Give them suggestions about the next product to buy or upcoming product launch type and glimpse of the same along with the date on the check-out page itself to keep the curiosity game strong.

The main focus of your brand should be on creating a sustainable impact of your products on the customer’s life and not on short outcomings for a short-term sales target. It is also important that the improvement should be in both directions, horizontally and vertically to get the best results out of the efforts. The better the nurtured, the brighter the future of the brand.


Funny, isn’t it? And I’m sure most of you would laugh on these expressions of mine. Not a mega one but a small giggle for sure.

I first felt that too, I should laugh. Until I realized how these expressions are a mark of my lost hope.

A hope, that once helped up believe we humans are the most powerful creatures on the Earth, to now; feeling the most weak and pale ones to stay alive.

We, as individual countries, always were either flaunting our superpowers or trying to get into the highlights through different mediums. And those mediums were mostly designed to swank the material supremacy to the less clout section of the world, making them believe in the fiction side of the truth. In real, they were not that supreme and the opponent ones were never less clout. The only difference they had between is the sensitivity of mercy for their countrymen that for a little stopped them from taking the direction which was less travelled. The other ones were always in their limits because they were all clouded with deception from their shallow opponent. They were all and for always good in their own way.

But for once, we are all at a position where we no longer are powerful. No country is more potent than the other in any viable terms, except the spreadsheet of sufferers and numerology of deaths.

The main superpowers of the globe that scared the tiny nations with their brawnies, are now on a verge to break down any time, and for once and all we know, verge to break down faster compared to the unknown and tiny empires.

The Richie’s of the world are no where seen doing the great work and the people who were considered to be seen with low dignity, are ruling the world by doing their so called considered “Dirty work” in the most perfect way. The definition of ‘Incredibles’ should be changed past that, isn’t it? Or we should thrive to manipulate our minds and hearts to believe in something that we haven’t seen with own possessed naked eyes during the pandemic.

For once, the world has become a place for the less fortunate but for that one moment, the almighty wants to make them feel special of their existence, as well as us to rethink, alter our thoughts and rotate our perceptions towards them in the right direction.

This is a way of almighty to remind us through the voice of brutally killed species, all over for our pleasures. They survived in few but had voices burnt aloud, where few of them gathered and remarked us with saying, “Hey, you, yes hooman, you. You are not more powerful than us. You just have some unfair means in your dealings which will once be tracked and you will all know the difference. A difference of being you and someone you should have been or had been created for.

You were sent here to feed us and not feed yourself with our bloods and lively soul. You did that to us and we couldn’t do our bits alone. But that bat, whom you just swallowed raw, was trying to build a new life for someone and his purpose was still or whole or done there right. You just didn’t kill him this time, you killed his sole purpose of being created. And that day, when he reached those stairs of hell, he was blamed for not completing his duties on Earth and coming back all raw.

So, now you know the difference between your raw and his raw? If not so, please for once look inside your conscience and answer us why we shouldn’t have united the way we have now and complained?

Was he to be blamed for not doing his task or should you be blamed for feeding yourself with something that doesn’t belong to you?

Surely, you won’t answer that because you know what? You know the answer. And if you by chance know, you won’t answer me loud because of your insecurities. Do you never feel your own qualms straight?

It’s okay. Happens. There is something good we know. As per you, most of the times we don’t know about certain things or say everything as a whole, and we can say you are quite right. But this time, what we know aloud in this chaos is that he listened to us and he trusted us with all of his wits. He acknowledged our sacrifices and replayed our screams on his personal theremin. And that session turned out to be paradise for us and of a little help.

And here we are. Happy us and gappy you.

But wait, we are still not happy for you, you know why? Because we love you around us and we want you back. We do miss you on streets and we miss that honks.

We miss the way you made the world look so full and we miss the way you blew us all with your smell, compassion and passion.

You see, we are not happy without you even though we know when you come out of this, you would kill us in bulk, and we would again be in same state. But you know, that’s how it runs, like the Richie would again suppress the needy, you being a scary eater, would again scare us with your lusty needs.

We just wish or say hope, you turn out to be a little good than usual when you are back. May be that won’t create a much of a difference for you, but for us as a whole, would be enough.

Your change will be enough

In every way, in every sense, in every other wisdom song. You shall be remembered for the change and we promise you that. We shall take your stories of change to the almighty who listened to us and we are sure he would sing back the happy lullaby for you, hoomans. You can trust us, like we trust you.

We know you have lost a lot many lives around you, a most of them dear to you. The hunger has collapsed and your race is starving and thriving hard for bread. And on one end, your bread and butter may soon collapse too if this continues a little longer. The angels toiling hard to save your lives shall go down on their knees with scepticism. And trust me, we are more compassionate towards them than you are. Because, you might not know, but they have treated us better than you have and we shall not let them suffer for more. Therefore, we promise to take your apologies soon, not by letters but just by those fewer words of empathy. You shall all pass this stage after that soon.

But before we take off, just remember:

Your change will be all ENOUGH “



If you have similar thoughts regarding the pandemic, you can share with me at readywithriya@gmail.com.


I always thought, I didn’t have a plan. But, however, Universe always had it all, a long and elongated one. It knows the entire picture and takes you from dot 1 to the zenith.

It led me to dot 1, when I was 4 and made me buy this dream in the form of a small game, where I would often want to dress up like a princess and wear the exact same kind of jewels like they do in my fairytale cartoons and books. It let me make my own jewellery to look pretty.

For a while, I did stop believing in fairytales but my heart was constantly revolving around the questions as to why can’t I have it all in one go at 24 too.

Little did I know, I would get my answers this way.

It did have a plan and all this years it was work-in-progress. I may be on Dot 37, right now and I’m sure I will have a beautiful journey till I reach the zenith, in an even beautiful fairytale way.

@theblingforest you were born from this, with a cause attached, of making me look pretty as a child. You gave me confidence then, you give me confidence now.
Trust the power and you shall never ask why ME.

And all of the dreams, shall one by one, come to my rescue, to get fulfilled just like the way; the perfect way.
Trust your journey a little more today.



Every dead waste you create can give life to little seedlings and can inturn give life to you.

Next time you are think of throwing away something, stop for a second and think how many lives I can create and save through this one gesture.

We all know the science behind having more and more green around us and how it can benefit human race as well as residing species around us.

This takes 5 minutes of your time and gives you sustainable happiness.

I was not into this much before now, but when I started to adopt sustainability day by day in my daily routine, it made me rethink on multiple dimensions band this is one of them.

I’m a beginner and you can be one too.

You just need these things :

  1. Mud
  2. Kitchen waste
  3. Green tea waste
  4. Mung seeds
  5. Waste box
  6. Leftover mud used for idol making
  7. Efforts
  8. Smile

So, now you know what little you need.

Happy planting 🌿


Jugaad is the only word which homes in the back of your mind subconsciously and lingers in front of your eyes whenever you demand it like a gin.

And as Indians, we are so attached to it as soon as we are out of the womb. (Seems a little exaggerated in the front but when observed closely, the very word ‘Jugaad’ itself has an exaggerated form for us in multiple ways, making us wonder how insanely we are into it.)

(Ignore the technicalities, I’m not a video editor that can edit the video at 1 am with the sweet lime skills. I was just in mood and excited. So yeah. Get that sharpen) (Also, kidding, can sue me for this:p)



Day by day I’m getting more curious on the plantation techniques and the idea behind having it all around.

In this present experiment, I tried to use some fresh kitchen waste gathered this morning and 5-6 months old mud preserved during Ganpati visarjan.

This time we brought Ganpati idol made out of organic mud and the same would melt within 24 hours in our own house and this way not pollute the nearby ponds.

Therefore, mixed the two up to grow the Fenugreek seedlings.

The reason behind using Fenugreek for this experiment is that they can grow in any circumstances and within any mixture. It doesn’t require proper fertilizers and other auxiliary care.

Things used:

  1. Waste box
  2. Leftover mud used for idol making
  3. Kitchen waste
  4. Raw sand
  5. Tissue paper
  6. Fenugreek seeds
  7. Water. Water. Water

Keep the above mentioned things handy before you start.

Here, are some declarations:

  1. Use more water when the mud is in rock form. It usually requires more water to melt.
  2. Do not pour the sand mixture in one go. Take small portions of it and keep sprinkling the water on it till the end.
  3. Most of the times the tissue paper process is done in the first interval of plantation and after few days the seeds are soaked in the fertilizer. But you can skip this step and directly use the tissue paper on the fertilizer and the results would be same. It would just require 2-3 more days than usual but the results would be good.
  4. Have a big smile while doing this process and you will get a happy plant out of it. This is must.
  5. Be consistent in watering the plant and you are good to go.

If you have tips to make this process better, do let me know. I would love to follow the hacks.


I Love You To The Moon And Back…

“He is following me, mom”

These were my exact words to my mom, when I would look up to the moon and he would be following us; me, mom and dad, riding happily on our scooter back.

I was a kid and all it took me a glance of the moon to eat up my food as fast as possible or give away that dear gifts from my hand, just to protect it in a way that the moon does not snatch it from me.

That time, for me, he was a substance of something that would take away or say snatch away that tiny happiness from my palms and I wouldn’t be able to do a thing, just because of being on the Earth and he being too far in the sky. I had a conception that he can fly back to his place immediately if I try to catch him. Silly but yes, as a kid I did believe that.

Those were the days of my childhood when I wanted him so away from me and here are the days of my adulthood where every night I feel to just stare at him and talk about all the things I did in the shadow of the sun, the entire day.

And you know what, I was a bit surprised in the beginning that is the same moon that listens to me now, in the form of my entire day’s schedule and my gossips, which once, I thought he would never even consider my words.

May be I was a little too small to understand him and now I’m a little too adult to not understand him.

Now, I have had my moments with him and I and he, both knows, that I would always turn back to him in the night and would never go back without a word of seldom.

There where my interest lies and I will always be a moon child thereupon. I will always walk to and fro, with all my tales and worries, woven right to the threads of trust, because you know what? I know he will keep it safe and steady, more than anyone and everyone in the paradise.

He is blessing and I’m his blessed child, growing day by day, with a lesson from him about how he is always there, around and around on the top and just hides behind a more powerful object, only to come back even brighter and romantic the next night.

He gives me hope and he gives me tide, so as to, he will always know, he will be mine 🖤

The Orange Of My Eye

I wasn’t too much into plants and the process behind how they come to existence. However, somehow my brother and sister-in-law shifted back to Ahmedabad and they brought with them pots of different size and shapes, all fused with grown seeds of different lengths. The way through the balcony falls from my room but I never bothered to go and water them even once a month.

And this was all noticed purely by my family members and especially my sister-in-law who is just in love with her plants and feed her babies on daily basis. One day, while she was ploughing some new seeds and by god’s grace I entered the place. As always I wasn’t much interested but we talked about them for few minutes and there where she told me how they crave us to talk to them and they crave me more as I share the same room with them. So, she advised me to just say random ‘Good morning’ to them when I wake up and see how beautifully they nurture.

Therefore , I started this practice and it hardly lasted for two to three days, not even a fortnight. And those who knows me well, knows this would have surely happened. So, this is how I was introduced to the beauty of plants sometime back by my sister in law.

Later, my interest didn’t grew 10x but stopped at 2x when I visited ‘Satvik’ festival with my parents and I was introduced to seed pens and seed pencils by ‘Farmsindia’. And trust me, the girl standing there was so perfect in her marketing speech that she convinced me to purchase 5 such pens on the very same spot. I still didn’t pay much attention to the process until I started to read more and more about sustainability and it’s need to adopt in our surroundings.

And when you start to believe something, you start to adopt it by yourself and try to infuse in your daily schedule. I started using eco-friendly materials as much as possible and then there was these seed pens accompanying me at all places, wherever I step, tip and toe.

While I was slowly getting used to thus new concept and altering my habits, in no time, it was the month of Ganesha festival in India and I was sure he would be present at my home this year too.

So, for that too, my sister-in-law and brother decided for an eco-friendly idol as well as decided to not sulk the idol into the river, but instead do all the process in the house and keep the mud to use for important purposes.

We planted the waste of flowers and some seeds along with the waste mud at my aunt’s place as she had some extra space in her garden. We didn’t look back but we knew she would take the best of the care of it; possible.

Here, today, I’m at her place and this little floret is what I see in front of my eyes. At first, I couldn’t believe that this came into existence through the same waste but then soon I recovered and got into senses, just to fall again; but this time, deeply in love with her.

I have seen this flower a hundred and a million times before but never have I ever admired it so much and for so long. May be more than she is little, she is the efforts of love, care and waste.

I know this won’t make much of a difference in anyone’s life, but for me, it has really does and I know she will stay immortal in my life.

Happiness is sometimes just a little effort and a little bunch of florets. Try to find it as often as possible.

Big thanks to my brother (Nihar Dave) and Sister-in-law (Namrata Pandya Dave) for introducing me to them. The tribute to this satisfaction and happiness goes to them. Love you both.

If you have ever experienced such joys in your life, you can share with me at readywithriya@gmail.com


She: What are you murmuring?

Me: Humumnum Ummn Hmm

She: Hey, you! I asked about those sounds.

Me: Oh! Those sounds. They are my evening ‘Hmms’.

She: Evening ‘Hmms’?

Me: Yup.

She: What do they include?

Me: The crush of my entire day.

She: You mean humans?

Me: Well, not just them.

She: Who else?

Me: Hoomans, they say. .

She: Ow

Me: For the one, whom I can sing too loud and too soft, and they can be my wish all sapphire.

She: Can you recite it again? I would note.

Me: Well sure. Let me get into the rhythm.

The dusk turned six;
The heart turned 11:11

She: Singing the tunes with a happy heart

Me: No petite doubt.

She: Well. You dance it up.

Me: I know, right.

“The dusk turned six;
The heart turned 11:11″


My neighbour’s daughter was playing with my mom and here she made her a glass of mix fruit juice.

This made me think how badly I want to go back to those wonderful days where I used to make the same things for her, once upon a time.