She: What are you murmuring?

Me: Humumnum Ummn Hmm

She: Hey, you! I asked about those sounds.

Me: Oh! Those sounds. They are my evening ‘Hmms’.

She: Evening ‘Hmms’?

Me: Yup.

She: What do they include?

Me: The crush of my entire day.

She: You mean humans?

Me: Well, not just them.

She: Who else?

Me: Hoomans, they say. .

She: Ow

Me: For the one, whom I can sing too loud and too soft, and they can be my wish all sapphire.

She: Can you recite it again? I would note.

Me: Well sure. Let me get into the rhythm.

The dusk turned six;
The heart turned 11:11

She: Singing the tunes with a happy heart

Me: No petite doubt.

She: Well. You dance it up.

Me: I know, right.

“The dusk turned six;
The heart turned 11:11″