Funny, isn’t it? And I’m sure most of you would laugh on these expressions of mine. Not a mega one but a small giggle for sure.

I first felt that too, I should laugh. Until I realized how these expressions are a mark of my lost hope.

A hope, that once helped up believe we humans are the most powerful creatures on the Earth, to now; feeling the most weak and pale ones to stay alive.

We, as individual countries, always were either flaunting our superpowers or trying to get into the highlights through different mediums. And those mediums were mostly designed to swank the material supremacy to the less clout section of the world, making them believe in the fiction side of the truth. In real, they were not that supreme and the opponent ones were never less clout. The only difference they had between is the sensitivity of mercy for their countrymen that for a little stopped them from taking the direction which was less travelled. The other ones were always in their limits because they were all clouded with deception from their shallow opponent. They were all and for always good in their own way.

But for once, we are all at a position where we no longer are powerful. No country is more potent than the other in any viable terms, except the spreadsheet of sufferers and numerology of deaths.

The main superpowers of the globe that scared the tiny nations with their brawnies, are now on a verge to break down any time, and for once and all we know, verge to break down faster compared to the unknown and tiny empires.

The Richie’s of the world are no where seen doing the great work and the people who were considered to be seen with low dignity, are ruling the world by doing their so called considered “Dirty work” in the most perfect way. The definition of ‘Incredibles’ should be changed past that, isn’t it? Or we should thrive to manipulate our minds and hearts to believe in something that we haven’t seen with own possessed naked eyes during the pandemic.

For once, the world has become a place for the less fortunate but for that one moment, the almighty wants to make them feel special of their existence, as well as us to rethink, alter our thoughts and rotate our perceptions towards them in the right direction.

This is a way of almighty to remind us through the voice of brutally killed species, all over for our pleasures. They survived in few but had voices burnt aloud, where few of them gathered and remarked us with saying, “Hey, you, yes hooman, you. You are not more powerful than us. You just have some unfair means in your dealings which will once be tracked and you will all know the difference. A difference of being you and someone you should have been or had been created for.

You were sent here to feed us and not feed yourself with our bloods and lively soul. You did that to us and we couldn’t do our bits alone. But that bat, whom you just swallowed raw, was trying to build a new life for someone and his purpose was still or whole or done there right. You just didn’t kill him this time, you killed his sole purpose of being created. And that day, when he reached those stairs of hell, he was blamed for not completing his duties on Earth and coming back all raw.

So, now you know the difference between your raw and his raw? If not so, please for once look inside your conscience and answer us why we shouldn’t have united the way we have now and complained?

Was he to be blamed for not doing his task or should you be blamed for feeding yourself with something that doesn’t belong to you?

Surely, you won’t answer that because you know what? You know the answer. And if you by chance know, you won’t answer me loud because of your insecurities. Do you never feel your own qualms straight?

It’s okay. Happens. There is something good we know. As per you, most of the times we don’t know about certain things or say everything as a whole, and we can say you are quite right. But this time, what we know aloud in this chaos is that he listened to us and he trusted us with all of his wits. He acknowledged our sacrifices and replayed our screams on his personal theremin. And that session turned out to be paradise for us and of a little help.

And here we are. Happy us and gappy you.

But wait, we are still not happy for you, you know why? Because we love you around us and we want you back. We do miss you on streets and we miss that honks.

We miss the way you made the world look so full and we miss the way you blew us all with your smell, compassion and passion.

You see, we are not happy without you even though we know when you come out of this, you would kill us in bulk, and we would again be in same state. But you know, that’s how it runs, like the Richie would again suppress the needy, you being a scary eater, would again scare us with your lusty needs.

We just wish or say hope, you turn out to be a little good than usual when you are back. May be that won’t create a much of a difference for you, but for us as a whole, would be enough.

Your change will be enough

In every way, in every sense, in every other wisdom song. You shall be remembered for the change and we promise you that. We shall take your stories of change to the almighty who listened to us and we are sure he would sing back the happy lullaby for you, hoomans. You can trust us, like we trust you.

We know you have lost a lot many lives around you, a most of them dear to you. The hunger has collapsed and your race is starving and thriving hard for bread. And on one end, your bread and butter may soon collapse too if this continues a little longer. The angels toiling hard to save your lives shall go down on their knees with scepticism. And trust me, we are more compassionate towards them than you are. Because, you might not know, but they have treated us better than you have and we shall not let them suffer for more. Therefore, we promise to take your apologies soon, not by letters but just by those fewer words of empathy. You shall all pass this stage after that soon.

But before we take off, just remember:

Your change will be all ENOUGH “



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