Tinctures of Cyan

He: What happened? Blow out!

Me: I don’t know like everything is going okay but I feel anxiety at times?

He: Why so?

Me: May be because there is something bothering me subconsciously and I’m not able to recognise it.

He: How come you cannot recognise your own energy?

Me: Because it is coming silently to me. It is a no noise scenario around.

He: Umnn. I can get you a bit.

Me: Haina! You feel that too?

He: Alright I don’t exactly feel it but at times I feel the same when I’m in deep thoughts. I feel it especially on roads while driving and all gets stagnant and I keep riding with all blank emotions. No movements in mind or no triggers. Just plain riding and everything around me go still, killer still. N about all, at the end I reach the exact destination with subconscious.

Me: Oh man! I can so so so damn relate. It does happen to me at times.

He: So, you too get it right?

Me: I name it ‘Silent Chaos’.

He: Aahahha, which is no more silent.

Me: (chuckles)

He: Someone suggested me ‘Blue’.

Me: Why blue? How does that help?

He: Stupid! It’s colour for calmness and serenity.

Me: So, you do feel serene?

He: Aham. May be at times.

Me: And how?

He: By just hanging around it?

Me: Like?

He: Like look at your right? There is a beautiful amalgamation of Blue and Indigo.

Me: Ahhh. I just like one Indigo. You know what I mean!

He: Yeah travellers do have a plus for it.

Me: Eheheehe

He: Look at it and I’m sure you would feel a bit fine.

Me: I definitely do. But, let me take a picture first. I will name it – Indigo.

He: Okay. But you have to stare at this picture whenever you miss me.

Me: I don’t miss you. You are everywhere.

He: Okay. Drama.

Me: Okay. Bye.

He: Bid you!

Me: Bid you enough.