My Sensational Straight Road Where There Was No Space For U-turn

Journey from a Trainee to a Manager to a Soon-to-be Entrepreneur

I was surfing through Quora and I got notification in the form of a request to answer a particular question.

The question read : How different is your life right now compared to January of this year?

I immediately started recalling my own time, since january and how it has changed to the present day. So, it goes this way.

Pay attention ladies and gentlemen! I’m about to start the Blah.. Blahh.. Blahh of my past 6 months.

It took a 360 degree turn and now, when I look back..I still go blank.


 Let me tell you what happened on Monday!

I got some new clients and I had to start immediately.

I was talking regarding the deal, with the client from last 10 days, but I was unsure of the agreement.

Suddenly I got a message from the main person and she asked me if I can start from that day itself.

I already had around 3 articles pending for the day (1500 words)

My usual capacity is 4000-5000 words a day, if I start early around 6:30 in the morning and stretch around 10 pm or around.

The new client asked me to submit 2000 words sample with research and I was all blank.

It was a bit tough for me as I had to write about ’20 wonderful church website designs’.

From past few months, I was completely working on finance, beauty and media articles and so, I had to spend a little more time on research for new theme.

I got this message around 1:30 pm.

I somehow completed 2 articles and then started this one..(one more pending after this where I had to watch a series and write about it)

I tried to write but I was all blank and didn’t get any ideas as to how to start.

I often get stuck in first introduction part as I always try to make it ultra perfect and end up wasting time.

It was already 8:30 pm and I had to submit it till EOD (Before 12).

I can write 1000 words in one hour if I know the topic (Eliminate the research part)

After writing too many articles, I have got that speed somehow.

However, this was on out of my context, even though I studied in Convent school my entire life and visited the church daily.

I recommend other people about website designs and UX/UI, but that day I was not able to recall a single information in my head.

I toiled and toiled and toiled till 11 pm and finally completed the article (No clue how it was and if this can convince the client to hire my services)

Still one article was left. I had to watch the series ‘Thinkistan’ and write a review about it. It involved around 11 episodes. And, by any means I could not watch it in 1 hour plus write the review.

But someone came to my rescue.

You know your past deeds save you at times, right? Some right decisions come at your rescue.

I met Naveen Kasturia in July in an event where he was one of the panel members.

He is one of the main lead in Thinkistan.

He had discussed about this show and I had heard every bit of it.

I recalled it and started writing. I managed to write a pretty decent review.

You can let me know if I missed something – Vicious Corporate ‘Bhaichara’ : THINKISTAN

I finally managed to complete everything before midnight.

I was still unsure about ’20 WONDERFUL WEBSITE DESIGNS’. I didn’t get time to even check the grammar of the article.

Next afternoon I received this message.

Client's message

The client loved the work and we are starting the business from today itself!

I learned something today, if you are 100% committed to your work, nothing can come between you and your dreams. However, you should be 100% ready to take in any challenge and hurdles which comes your way.


Back in January

On 29th January, I came back from my Nepal trip. I was working as a trainee with a company at that time. I was all clueless as I had missed the pre- anniversary ceremonies of the company.

In next two days I received this and everything was changed.

From a trainee, I suddenly jumped to the Manager position. It was an amazing experience.

I left my job on 30th June for starting my own company.

I’m launching my own company (The StartUp Hippie) on the same day when I’m turning 24.

The journey was hard but beautiful.

I’m having hard time managing my own clients where I have to get up early and struggle till late night. However, to be frank, I sleep better in August than I slept in January of 2019 .

Some years can change your life.

I lost my admission in Symbiosis in 2017 as I couldn’t pay 15 lakhs of fees.

In February, when my batch mates were about to sit for their final placements, I was getting promoted for the manager chair.

When my batch mates would be looking at some company’s random problems, I’m here sipping my coffee while deciding my company logo.

They say it right, it would take 10 years for that 1 year to come but when it comes, it takes away every little sorrow moments and everything.

It is worth the wait.

But, before that you have to work without looking at the watch and work like there is no world except that.

Some journeys are hard but worth it.

If I look back, I feel everything which I said wasn’t possible for me, now, I feel it is all done and dusted.

The question here is how much you are ready to work hard while you earn those like peanuts..

If you give your 200% in that struggle, you would have to just give your 50% in the next success season, which people misinterpret as luck.

A lot has changed since January and I’m happy about it.

I don’t know if it is happening for good or bad, but I’m enjoying the journey and that’s what matters every morning when I wake up!



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Who Kicked Me To Travel All Alone?

“Some journeys can be only travelled alone”

Kein Poirot

I realized, I love her, all of a sudden it gave me shivers. Before that I never felt this for her. I analysed her deeply this time. She was a beautiful soul with little scars on her heart. She was all I ever wanted and ever imagined. Her wavy hairs were dripping down with mountain rain and her eyes were shimmery with the view of lavish green landscape. She was collecting flowers when I saw her like this. She used to collect flowers from every place, she goes. When asked, she would grin and say, “This is the only beautiful and inexpensive thing I can afford to gift myself”.

All this years, I wondered about life; generalizing it in gigantic things .However, one fine day she happened to me and my mind changed it all! I started liking small things. Yes, all small things from balloons to tents, eclairs to bicycles and most importantly atoms. I was me; first time. All loud with deep breaths. I was swirling and singling to my strains. She changed it all. I could hear those jingle bells and guitar rhymes, blowing in the heliotrope sky. She made me alive.

She made me cognise; how important the person in your reflection is. How you can make wonders if you fall in love with the girl in the mirror. How she can make you blush by her actions in the middle of an arid day. They said, particularly said, ‘You will bend and adjust’, ‘You will bend and adjust the day you fall in love with her’. And, there I was, all rough and smooth, toiling to her, saying, “I wanna live with you, I wanna brush my soul against you, I wanna jump puddles with you, I wanna crush and I wanna trust, I wanna dance and I wanna climb, I wanna roar and I wanna smile. But all I wanna do is; do with you”.

Saying this to her, I stood up, strangled the old me and called the ghost cops to complain about her. She killed my dreams, she demeaned me of my abilities. She obstructed me to the heaven gate. She told me constantly and loudly, “You can’t “. I died each day, just by the thought I was not enough. And then, I met the new me on the hills, which showed me my way to the peak, screaming loud and loud and loud, “Oh baby, you can”. You can do wonders. You can cross the puddles alone. You are the fire in the water that no one can flout.

And this is the way; I met myself

All me.

Totally me.

Happy and sound me.

Love yourself first and everything else falls into line.”

The day I realized, I was the one who can change my own life, it changed everything.

Like everyone, I was scared. I freaked out every second. Sometimes twice and often thrice on my first solo trip. But, I handled. Everyone handles, You will handle too.

When you are alone, you are your own bodyguard. Your own boss. Your instincts and gut feeling will notify you in every step when you are about to do something wrong. Listen to it. You will be saved. Hell saved.

Like me, you are good to go!

Make sure, you never turn a blind eye to your sparkle!

And, you are all there, sipping your brew in the nature bed.

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